How to become a McGillian?

McGill , one of the top 3 universities in Canada, prides itself on its diverse enrolment with about 30% of its students coming from more than 150 countries.

McGill’s total enrolment for the 2018-19 school year is 41,286. Among them 2864 students come from China at McGill, followed by 2412 from the U.S. France rounds out the top three with 1886 students, while India is fourth with 736.

This year 2018, McGill received 4,800 undergraduate applications from China and admitted 356 new students. “These are among the brightest students and they’re going to be very motivated to perform well,” says Jocelyne Younan, associate registrar, undergraduate recruitment in Enrolment Services.College Scout is proud to have sent some of the best Vietnamese students to McGill University.

High school students from Vietnam who are interested to know more about learn and life @McGill and what it takes to become a McGillian, let us know by emailing to Ms Hoa, Academic Coordinator ( We will hook you up with a mentor who is McGill student from Vietnam. Let him/her be your inspiration on your path to studying at one of the finest Canadian universities.


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